Our Graduates

Our graduates have entered a variety of careers over the past 20 years, including administration, primary care, hospital medicine, subspecialty practice, health sciences research, and private practice. During the past five years, roughly half of our residents practice primary care Med-Peds with an increasing number of graduates entering the field of hospital medicine or completing further subspecialty training in single and dual specialties. The training you receive in our program is very well balanced and will prepare you for endless career options.

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Graduate Spotlight

Alumni of the Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program go on to pursue a diverse range of careers and opportunities after graduation. Meet a few of our graduates and find out what they are doing now.

Elizabeth Scruggs-Wodkowski, MD - Class of 2022

Second-year Adult Infectious Diseases Fellow, University of Michigan

How Training at Michigan Prepared You for Your Future Career 

Med-Peds at Michigan provided me with holistic, comprehensive medical training that I continue to use in many ways despite honing my focus in fellowship. I think the communication, flexibility, and teamwork skills I developed in residency have helped me provide compassionate, multi-faceted care to both patients and teams who consult me as an ID fellow.

Fun Memory From Your Time in Residency 

During my last year in residency two of my Med-Peds colleagues and I were seniors for three of the four Cardiology teams for the month of February. It was one of the hardest senioring months I have had, but having them closeby, sharing a team room or just down the hall, made the experience infinitely better. I think it really helped me understand how powerful the Med-Peds community is in providing friendship, support, and guidance during training.

Taylor Broome, MD - Class of 2021

Med-Peds Hospitalist, Duke University

Dr. Broome is a Med-Peds Hospitalist with interests in medical education and quality improvement.

How Training at Michigan Prepared You for Your Future Career 

Residency at UofM taught me how to be comfortable with what I know and don’t know. It’s impossible in medicine, and especially Med-Peds, to know everything all the time. Learning how to thrive in the gray area is an important skill for a future hospitalist!

Fun Memory From Your Time in Residency 

I have so many fun stories from residency. Making silly videos with my residency class for Chamberpot, where the seniors roast the interns, was always a highlight. I also loved our Med-Peds outings like curling and going to the demolition derby!

Ashley Allen, MD - Class of 2020

Adult and Pediatric Palliative Care Provider, Duke University 

Dr. Ashley Allen works Inpatient/Outpatient with a special clinical/research interest in the Adolescent & Young Adult oncology population.

How Training at Michigan Prepared You for Your Future Career 

My training at Michigan provided me with a well-rounded training in both adult and pediatric medicine which I continue to use as a palliative care physician seeing patients all over the hospital. I specifically feel my experiences in the ICU and on my palliative care rotation helped me develop foundational serious-illness communication skills that I use every day in talking to patients and families.

Fun Memory From Your Time in Residency 

One of my favorite memories was our intern trip up north where we got to spend time together as a MP class and got to know our colleagues in the categorical programs in a super relaxed/fun setting. The Peds group did a wine tasting event that was a particular highlight for me.

Mansoor Arain, MD - Class of 2016

Interventional Cardiology Specialist, Stratford Health Center California 

Dr. Mansoor Arain is an interventional and structural cardiologist on the Central Coast of California with a focus on complex coronary interventions and transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

How Training at Michigan Prepared You for Your Future Career

I loved my residency experience at University of Michigan. The faculty were/are exceptional clinicians and teachers, challenged me to grow as a physician and improve throughout training, and taught me the skills necessary to continually re-assess and modify my practice of medicine as appropriate post-graduation. The exposure to different practice environments, including the 2 academic hospitals, the VA hospital, and various community-based clinics, was invaluable. And I could not have asked for better co-residents.

Fun Memory From Your Time in Residency 

I have many fond memories of kayaking down the treacherous Huron River.