Honors and Awards


Dr. John Frohna was the first combined trained Program Director at the University of Michigan from 1997 until 2007.  During his directorship he was appointed as president of the Med-Peds Program Directors Association (MPPDA). It was during his tenure as Program Director that Dr. Frohna’s leadership and tireless efforts laid the foundation to shape the future of education and training in Med-Peds at UM and nationally. To complement his many academic accomplishments, Dr. Frohna was well known for his affability, warmth, and dedication to his residents. He was an outstanding role model and mentor for all of his trainees and encouraged them continually to strive for excellence in teaching and patient care. In honor of his lasting contributions to our Med-Peds, we created the John G. Frohna Award for Outstanding Resident Teaching in Medicine-Pediatrics to recognize a Med-Peds faculty member who demonstrates excellence in medical knowledge, clinical skills, team management, learner feedback, and mentorship.

Award Winners


Dr. David Rosen was a true Michigan native. He was born in Detroit and graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1984 as valedictorian of his medical school class. Dr. Rosen was trained in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at St. Louis University prior to completing a fellowship in Adolescent Medicine at the University of Minnesota. Upon completion of his formal training, Dr. Rosen returned home to the University of Michigan where he devoted his professional career to shaping the education of students, residents, fellows, and faculty and treating eating disorders in adolescents.

Dr. Rosen’s impact on the University of Michigan Med-Peds Program was equally far reaching. He was instrumental in working with the Med-Peds to select the first combined-trained Program Director, Dr. John Frohna, in 1997. Dr. Rosen also championed the creation of combined continuity clinics, which remain a cornerstone of the educational experiences our current residents enjoy to this day.

Even more impressive than his professional accomplishments, was his character. His innate humanism and sincerity positively impacted all of those whom he encountered. Unfortunately, Dr. Rosen passed away in February 2013 following a battle with cancer at the age of 54 - a tremendous loss to all of our communities.

In honor and memory of Dr. Rosen’s numerous contributions to our Med-Peds residents, training program, and our community, we created the David S. Rosen Award for Humanism to recognize a graduating Med-Peds resident who embodies many of the outstanding attributes exemplified by Dr. Rosen: kindness, compassion, humility, and willingness to provide transformative care to patients.

Award Winners