Ambulatory Care

Distinct from our robust continuity clinic experiences, our residents experience Med-Peds ambulatory rotations to complement ambulatory experiences offered in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. These unique rotations consist of experiences identified by our residents and faculty as essential to the practice of Med-Peds, irrespective of field of practice. Rotations include Primary Care (Med-Peds Ambulatory I), Med-Peds Community Health, Sports and Musculoskeletal Medicine (Med-Peds Ambulatory II), and Health Disparities (Med-Peds Ambulatory III). Med-Peds Ambulatory IV is an individualized primary care rotation to support further development of critical skills as part of our Primary Care Clinical Path of Excellence. Each ambulatory provides additional learning opportunities through a dedicated ambulatory morning report.

To further support the integration of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in clinical practice, we also offer combined elective experiences in Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Sports Medicine, and Allergy/Immunology. In addition, through collaboration with sites outside of the University of Michigan Health System we offer a number of opportunities to work with underserved populations and the community, including experiences with school-based clinics, our Student Run Free Clinic, HOPE Clinic (clinic for the uninsured), Corner Clinic (teen clinic), Community Health and Social Services (CHASS) Center in Detroit (FQHC in Detroit), and summer migrant farm workers’ clinic.

Our curriculum is intentionally flexible such that our residents are able to tailor ambulatory experiences to achieve their longer-term career goals.